Jacqueline Garwood

Step Four:  Allow the Universe to Unfold

Let Go and Allow the Universe to Unfold as It Should

You have connected to the Universe, created a compelling vision of the life you want to live, taken inspired action, and now you have to....WHAT?  Allow?  What the heck is allow?

Allowing the Universe to unfold as it should is probably the hardest part of this whole manifesting process.  It goes against everything we've been taught.  It requires that you have patience and trust that all is working out just as it should.  It requires that you believe that the Universe is in the background conspiring on your behalf even though you might not be able to see anything happening.

On the other hand it doesn't mean you can lay back and do nothing. 

No!  Absolutely not!  You must keep walking the path to your goal.  You must keep your eye on your goal and keep taking inspired action every day. 

You must be watching for all the signs from the Universe and following them.

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