This is a companion to the book 'Future Pull, Partner with the Universe to Create the Life of Your Dreams'. It is designed to guide you as you step confidently into your future.<br><br>

The Playbook contains worksheets, activities and thought-provoking questions that link to the chapters in Future Pull and help you to apply the concepts introduced in the book. The twelve week Journal provides plenty of space to record your daily intentions, your successes and celebrations and your gratitude for the blessings that will flow into your life. In only three months...

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Future Pull: Partner with the Universe to Create the Life of Your Dreams is a step by step guide to achieving the life you were born to live. Future Pull provides a convincing argument that if you create a compelling vision of the life you were meant to live, all the energies of the Universe will conspire to make it real. Real life stories from people who have used the Law of Attraction to manifest massive change in their lives add inspiration and down-to-earth wisdom


Future Pull, Partner with the Universe to Create the Life of Your Dreams is a how-to book for those who want to go beyond The Secret and actually put the Law of Attraction into action. Future Pull begins with an exploration of the nature of time and suggests that we adopt a perspective of unlimited possibility. While science is still debating the big questions—exactly what is consciousness, what is time and how does it flow, how much creative power do we have—why not demonstrate your ability to manifestation miracles on an individual level. 

This is the condensed version, without the action pages.  You may want to purchase the Life Creation Playbook and Journal to accompany it.  If you are part of a book or study group, this version and the Playbook and Journal are the perfect pieces to lead your members toward their ideal life.
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