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Welcome...Let Me Introduce Myself

I'm Jacqueline Garwood, a catalyst, coach and celebrant.  My life purpose is to help and inspire others to see the unlimited possibilities, find their adventurous spirit and walk their unique life path with joy and gratitude. 

I started my career coaching business in 1981 and, through thick and thin, I have persevered and triumphed.  Because my life has been filled with challenging circumstances, to say the least, I'm empathetic but I also know that the human spirit is able to overcome any adversity. 

I'm a bit of an adventurer and risk-taker, which means that I make mistakes.  That's okay.  Life is full of lessons and I wouldn't trade those lessons for anything.  A friend has called me a 'poster child for getting back up'.  You can read about a pivotal moment when my life turned around

Now my life is full of joy--friends, family, abundance, creativity, and fun.  I live at the top of Lake Superior where Nanibijou, the Sleeping Giant, guards the bay.  It's one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  We might have long cold winters but we have amazing summers when the sun rises at 5 and doesn't set until almost 10.

In 2011, my lifelong dream to author a book came true and I wrote and published four of them (check out my books here). I'm also a painter,
owner of a big pound puppy and a really mean cat and whenever I can, I travel to visit my amazing grandson, Jack. All in all, life is wonderful and I value every moment. 

Your life can be wonderful too.  I want you to know that, if your life isn't filling you with joy, if you aren't excited to wake up and step into each day, if you don't lay your head on your pillow at night grateful for every blessing you received during the day, you can turn it around. 

I hope you'll explore this site and find something that will inspire you, guide you, and support you as you walk the path to the life of your dreams.

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