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Custom Resume Design and Development

You can be GREAT at your job but writing a GREAT resume is a whole different skill set.  So don't feel bad if you're struggling.  Let someone who specializes in this highly specific task do it for you.

If you are a new graduate, you've just spent a small fortune on your education.  Now invest in your career with a resume that will jump-start your career.

If you are relocating, here's your chance to start off on the right foot.  A resume that sells your strengths and skills will help you win the job you want in your new location.

If you are mid-career and want to make sure your qualifications are showcased, you need a custom designed resume.

(MSWord document).

Step Four:  we'll have another short telephone conversation to discuss the final product and make any revisions necessary. 

Step Five:  I'll send you the final resume electornically.

This is how it works:

Step One: send me your basic information (I have a template for that if you need one or an old resume will do). That way we can use our time together to focus on identifying your strengths and achievements rather than just going through your history. If you are applying for a specific job - send me the information about that too so we can make sure your cover letter is targeted.

Step Two: we'll have a one hour telephone interview and I'll delve into your qualifications and identify achievements to highlight.

Step Three: I'll write and design your resume and send it to you via email

I'll also design and write a cover letter that targets your career goal--at no additional cost.


I'll advise you on how to sell your qualifications and achievements in an interview.


Along with the final copy of your custom resume, I'll send you a copy of my e-book on Acing the Interview.


You'll receive 50% off of custom cover letters for six months (up to five total).

Cost:  $650 USD
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