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Step Three:  Take Inspired Action

The Missing Link

One of the complaints about the movie, The Secret, was that it implied that you could order up anything you wanted from the Universe and then sit back and wait for it to be delivered.  Not quite! 

When you engage the power of Future Pull, you create the vision of the life of your dreams and then take inspired action to bring it to life.

But don't worry.  It's not that hard.  When you work in partnership with the Universe, it's a lot easier than you might expect.  You'll find that synchronicity happens, people and opportunities show up, the road become easier and smoother. 

You still have to do the work, but you won't be fighting a losing battle.

When you take inspired action, you will...

Set smarter goals; goals that excite you and make you jump out of bed every morning to get going on them

Take micromovements that get you where you want to go without overwhelming you

Watch for signs from the Universe, and follow them

Make wise decisions without getting bogged down in 'what if's'

Chart your course and express gratitude for all the blessings you receive every day

Guard your energy and thoughts so that you don't let doubt and negativity infect you and drain your energy

Read more about these tools in Future Pull or take the 30 day Life Creation Challenge and try them out for yourself.

Creating a compelling vision and taking inspired action is just the start.  You still have to allow the Universe to unfold as it should.  That's harder than it seems.  Find out more....

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